We can hold up to 30 dogs at once.
Our first priority is the safety of all the animals in our care, therefore any dog displaying aggressive tendencies will be let out in separately with limited or no contact to the other boarders.
Play groups are organized according to size, age, and temperament and energy level.
Daily outdoor time can range from but not limited to 2-6 hours a day. factors that will affect the time are weather, age of dog and energy levels of dogs.
Older dogs will be let out with calmer companions that will not force them to overexert themselves.
In cases of high heat we make sure to let out the dogs to run and play early in the morning while the temperatures are still cool. When the temperature starts to rise they will come indoors where there is air conditioning. your dog then let out more frequently for smaller durations of time till the temperature cools down in the evening.
All dogs have their own indoor enclosure where they have a chance to rest, eat, and sleep.
Being spayed or neutered is not a requirement, though it is recommended. we arrange playmates by their temperament / character. any female in season will be separated from all other dogs.
Feeding a raw diet is not a problem. we have a freezer to accommodate our raw feeding clientele, we only ask that all meals be separated into individual serving.
Though we are closed on Sundays we still care for all the animals in our trust. there are no other services on Sunday.
we work 7 days a week, caring for all dogs entrusted to us, on Sundays we ask our clients to respect our family time. All Sunday requests will be refused.
Our check in/ Check out time are our regular business hours 9-6 Mon-Fri and 9-5 Saturday
We can administer medication when necessary . fees range from $1-$5 per day depending on degree of difficulty and type of medication.
Our facilities are air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.
We request all pets to be vaccinated up to date prior to his/her stay. Proof of vaccines are also required, it is for the safety/health of all boarders.