Training Obedience Basic & Advanced

Obedience training is the foundation of a good relationship between you and your canine companion, teaching both to speak the same language.  By having a better understanding of how your dog learns you will have at your fingertips the ability to teach and understand your dog better.

*At Leal’s Canine Solutions we do not offer group lessons, they can be too distracting for a beginner dog to focus, thus making the learning process longer.

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An hour

Board and train

No time to train your dog yourself ?

Let Leal’s Canine Solutions do the job for you. All training is customized to your personal needs and your dogs capabilities. once your dog is trained you will receive lessons on how to properly handle your dog.

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Per week

Behavior Modification

Have problems with bad behavior?

learn how to discourage bad behavior and encourage the behavior you would like.

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(1Hr) Private

Temperament modification

Through genetics or environment some dogs will exhibit temperamental problems such as fear, aggression, shyness or lack of confidence.

Not all temperamental problems can be fully fixed but most can be greatly improved upon.

*consultation required.

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(1Hr) Private


*Grooming starts at 15$ depending on:

  • size
  • coat condition

*Agressive or hard to handle dogs are extra

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At Leal’s canine solutions all dogs get  playtime a minimum of 3 times a day. play groups are organized according to age, size and temperament.

  • Individual areas for older or less sociable dogs
  • Vaccines must me up to date
  • Air conditioned in summer
  • During rest and feeding times
  • Pets are in a 4 x 6 enclosures

*Owner must bring own food

*When playing together dogs will sometimes make a mess of themselves, book a grooming appointment before they leave to send them home clean & happy

*Additional charge of $4 (per dog per day) for dogs that require special handling , agressive or do not get along with other dogs.

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1 Dog 1 enclosure
2 Dogs 1 enclosure
2 Dogs 2 enclosures

Puppy Training

At Leal’s Canine Solutions we believe an early start is the best way to prevent bad habits from starting, and start enjoying your new family member as soon as possible. Our puppy courses start at the age of 2 months, course content includes but is not limited to

  • Intro to leash,
  • Building a good bond and foundation for obedience
  • Socialization
  • Desensitization
  • Crate training
  • Toilette training
  • Biting
  • Chewing

All courses are done in private, if needed, distraction will be provided, this allows us to focus on everyone’s needs individually, thus allowing a faster progression in training.

starting at
(1Hr) Private

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves!

The Leals are fabulous, caring people who took impeccable care of our dogs while we lived in Montreal. Their facilities are clean, their pricing is beyond fair, and our dogs were always happy to see them!
Lisa French
Clean place, personalized service, i immediately loved the vibe. Every time I come back from vacation, Chela is better behaved. Thank you for the care, love and attention!
David Poorow
We love it, our dog loves it! Leal’s is great, very reliable! We are clients for about 10 years.
Art Skri
Clean, nice and friendly. Cookie is always happy to be there!
Mariola Bryndzia
Been friends and clients for over 10 years!! Whether for boarding, grooming or training this is the only place we trust to bring our dogs. We highly recommend Horatio & Nancy.
Mike & Anna Mtlbullyz
Brittany has been a frequent visitor for over twelve years and is always happy to go back. What else can you ask for. We as his owners feel really fortunate to have found such a good place and can only say nice things about Horacio and Nancy. You can feel confident your dog will be well taken care of.
Susan Sam
it for the first time, and loved it, Pinky was very happy and it’s a very affordable option. THANKS FOR TAKING CARE OF PINKY FOR ME!!!!!!
Nelson Maia
Definitely recommend this place to everyone in need of dog training or sitters.
Jen Branco
Best in the business.
Jason Henry
THE Place!
Marco Sousa
Pour etre en confiance c’est la place ideale, je recommande a tout le monde!
Cindy Labrie
Five Stars *****
Guillermo Castro